Brand Experience.

Brand experience strategy

Brand experience strategy is a blueprint for how people should experience your brand. And it’s created by bringing together brand strategy (what do we stand for?) with customer experience strategy (what do we want customers to think, feel and do?).  We start with consumer behaviour and we identify and plan meaningful experiences that are true to your brand strategy and build brand loyalty. And that makes for more meaningful relationships.

Brand journey mapping 

We map how existing and potential customers interact with your brand. We derive insights from our analysis.  And we create plans to innovate, where appropriate. We identify and test opportunities to bring your brand strategy to life at every customer touchpoint.

Digital first

The goal is to be digital first – to ensure our clients’ brands succeed in ‘the experience economy’.  We work with all technology platforms and ask all the awkward questions to make sure that we are ahead and our clients are ahead. 

Experience design

We work with clients and their business partners to create the components of a meaningful experience – engaging language, design and experience principles  – that drive all customer touchpoints. 


Most employees want to feel good about and do their best by the company they work for. To do that, they need information about the company’s direction and they almost certainly want to be engaged in the direction your brand takes.

We engage senior management to ensure they are ready to be brand ambassadors. We run workshops that give all employees a chance to explore and agree what they are going to do to bring the brand strategy to life. And we create tools and resources that make it easier to get your brand message across.

Being a powerful brand is as much as about employee engagement as it is about creating stand out.

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