Design Research.

Design research

Design Research is a critical part of our human centred design approach. Discovering how and why people behave as they do and what opportunities that presents for organisations leads us to more appropriate and innovative brand strategies and designs.

Drawing on tried and tested research methodologies (along with some new versions of our own), and staffed by deeply qualified professionals, our Design Research practice focuses on understanding the people we’re designing for and using insights to inform and inspire our design teams and clients alike.

Contextual research

Spending time with real people in the context they might use a service, experience a brand, make decisions or interact with the organisation allows us to build deep empathy and generate insights that lead to opportunities.

Cultural exploration

Understanding shifts and nuances in the broader cultural context can reveal fresh opportunities for organisations to build meaning into their brands. Drawing on our network of experts in social psychology, semiotics, anthropology, cultural theory and social sciences we define and reframe the cultural context for branding decisions and ideation.


Co-creation / ideation

Involving clients, users and experts in creating potential solutions to our clients’ problems is empowering and creates a sense of shared ownership. We design, facilitate, set evaluation criteria and make sense of outputs from collaborative idea generation process. These are usually highly creative, energetic, interactive and lots of fun too.

Think global, feel local.

Through characterful and warm photography, we captured real life to help localise the Hyundai Global identity for the Australian market.

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