The task

ADLS (Auckland District Law Society) needed a facelift to show the New Zealand legal community that they are a national, membership organisation. A contemporary organisation creating products and services for the legal community that are tailored for lawyers by lawyers influenced by the latest innovations available.

The Insight

ADLS had the opportunity to be the innovative leader that supported lawyers. We understood that members were looking for an organisation to meaningfully assist them with their practice and careers, from legal support to continuing professional development courses.

The solution

We developed a brand strategy that focused on ‘Connecting New Zealand Lawyers’. This repositions who ADLS are as a national body and communicates what they stand for; the real connection between ADLS, members, and the wider industry. Changing the name from Auckland District Law Society to the more regionally neutral ADLS reinforced its nationwide coverage. We created a simple but clever identity that transformed their traditional coat of arms to have a more relevant, contemporary edge. The result is an identity of strength and simplicity, relevant today and relevant nationwide. ADLS has been recognised as a finalist in the 2017 Best Awards.