The Task

T&G’s brand architecture for their Covered Crops consumer category was complex. Made up of multiple brands that competed against each other with identical products, it lacked clarity and purpose. We needed to find a solution that would simplify the architecture across the category, while creating a compelling brand story for the consumer.

The Insight

To strengthen their position in the market, multiple brands were combined under one of T&G’s existing product names: Beekist. Simplifying the naming conventions used on packaging would make it easier for consumers to understand the variety of tomato they were purchasing, and why it was best suited to their needs. We needed to create a new identity system, packaging and brand story to support this change, clearly differentiating and elevating Beekist on the shelf in a crowded supermarket category. The brand identity and product architecture needed to work for the initial range of tomato varieties, and be future-proofed for the later introduction of other product types and varieties; such as capsicum and cucumber.

The Solution

Beekist already had a great story behind its name. Bumblebees naturally pollinate tomatoes and other covered crops. It’s an endearing story – these workers fly around all day in the glasshouses doing their job, and return to their hives at night. And the growers are just as dedicated as those busy bees, growing the best produce by hand with minimal interference. We wanted to share this narrative by developing a brand that communicated round-the-clock care. The tagline – ‘Grown by people. Pollinated by bees.’ – captures the engaging relationship. The brand, product category and variety needed to be easily identifiable on the shelf – while also looking flavoursome, feeling natural and appealing to both adults and children. Marketing mini tomatoes as snacks for kids is the fastest growing segment, with lovable bee illustrations and bold handwriting bringing the story to life. The packaging lets the produce tell the taste story, with brown paper and blackboard accents adding a farmer’s market vibe.

The brand has been successfully rolled out across Foodstuffs stores, and exhibited at Taste of Auckland and export trades shows.