Hobson Wealth Partners

The task

The NZ Macquarie Private Wealth business had been acquired, and urgently needed a new name and brand identity. In less than three months we’d need to create a strategy, name, story, visual identity, and completely replace all Macquarie branded touchpoints across three cities.

The Insight

The private wealth sector typically build a brand around ‘the Founder personality’ — but we saw an opportunity to create something that felt uniquely New Zealand with a sense of heritage. A luxury discovery brand which would represent a team of advisers who don’t just invest money, but are themselves invested in their clients.

The solution

Named in recognition of Captain William Hobson, Hobson Wealth Partners embodies the same pioneering spirit, diligence and visionary leadership of New Zealand’s first Governor. An elegant colour palette pairs with subtle discovery cues, rugged NZ landscapes, warm inviting staff photography, refined language, all with a modern edge.