The task

The law firm Kirkland Morrison O’Callahan urgently needed a new brand and identity for the expansion of their firm to include three service companies including Legal, Accounting and Consulting services.

The Insight

Following several incarnations of their name and brand, the business wanted to start their new venture with a simple name free of the complications of traditional constructs. They also needed an iconic contemporary identity appropriate for the New Zealand and Chinese markets — for all three areas of the new company.

The solution

The succinct and bold name ‘K3’ draws inspiration from the iconic K2 mountain and nods to the three companies that share the brand. Graphically, the K has been designed to butt against the margin of a page. In a clever visual solution, the New Zealand arm of the business has a logo version with three vertical stripes while the Chinese equivalent has three horizontal stripes (the Chinese symbol for the number three). Red was selected because of its energy, warmth, and symbolism of luck in Chinese culture.