Kiwi Property

The task

Kiwi Property is the largest listed property company on the NZX. They needed to transition from being a trust to a corporate structure with internalised asset management, so a complete rebrand was considered. The new brand offered the opportunity to better reflect the 70% retail balance in their portfolio and appeal to a broader audience than shareholders. All underpinned by a new brand positioning; Exceptional Places, Exceptional People.

The insight

The new Kiwi Property logo is all about exceptional people and exceptional places – with X marking the spot. It shows the intersection between people (the ‘human’ brushstroke axis) and places (the ‘structural’ axis) coming together as one. The new identity brings a bold physicality to the brand idea, and provides a colourful, flexible system to contrast from competing monolithic competitors.

The solution

The mark has a vibrant colour palette that enables it to really differentiate Kiwi Property and also reflect the vibrancy of retail. The brush strokes (the people part) and solid graphic devices (the place) are used across system tell the brand idea. These also work neatly from an internal branding perspective across internal communications and a stationery suite including post-its for comp slips, thank-you cards, and… socks! (For this reason alone, surely it’s a veritable shoe-in?)

Kiwi Property