News Works

The Task

The newsprint industry is seen by some as a dying industry. There was a need to move thinking within News Works to embrace both print and digital media opportunities.

The Insight

There was an opportunity for News Works to move away from some of the conventions of the newsprint sector, and move away from feeling taken for granted in the industry. The growth in digital readership via online and mobile platforms has increased newspaper organisations’ reach and influence, making the role of News Works more important than ever. They wanted to inspire, stay relevant and challenge the norm in a positively surprising way.

The Solution

The new visual identity reflects News Works key aspirations of always being inspiring and engaging, and communicating to their audiences that they are always relevant yet willing to challenge the status quo. The brand uses a bright and vibrant colour palette, paired with large graphic typography. The brand ‘says how it is’ with bold statements, favouring a colour and text-led style giving gravitas.