NZ Bus

The Task

One of the most common complaints about public transport is that one has to actually deal with the public. NZ Bus identified 10 of the most common gripes about passenger behaviours – like blocking the aisles and playing loud music. They came to us looking for ways to communicate these with passengers in ways that were memorable, funny, and easily understood.

The Insight

People tend to respond negatively when given authoritarian-sounding lists telling them what not to do. So we realised we would have to create awareness of these behaviours and address them in a fun, empathetic way. It also had to communicate effectively with the multi-cultural users of Auckland public transport.

The Solution

To capture attention in a positive way, we created the ‘Bugbears’: a family of anti-social bears that bring the common bugbears of public transport to life. The approach used illustrations, designs and poems to create bears like ‘Feet-Up Freddy’ and ‘In-The-Way Ray.’ The images are then displayed inside busses in poster forms, and on the NZ Bus Twitter and Tumblr feeds.