NZ Story

The task

To develop a communications platform that encourages the world to invest, partner, study, and buy from New Zealand. We have told the story of our beautiful landscapes well over the past decade, and now it’s time to broaden the story.

The insight

Our place in the world, and our unconstrained landscape has shaped who we are as a people. The NZ Story needs to extend beyond beautiful landscapes to include the character and resourcefulness of the people – and brands – who live here.

The solution

Principals facilitated a series of workshops with public and private sector stakeholders to develop a set of Story values, a set of personality traits and a short story for New Zealand. This story was then tested in key international markets to verify that it credibly added new attributes to audiences’ knowledge of NZ, and that those attributes were compelling and relevant. The Story forms the backbone of assets (website, video, still images) now available for exporters, and New Zealanders who wish to tell the story of NZ as part of their story to the world.

NZ Story