St.George Bank

The task

St.George wanted to bring to life it’s repositioned brand and the idea that its ‘people first’ products and staff would help customers to achieve their dreams and enable them to “start something”. We were asked to refresh and extend St.George’s visual identity and to create a system that works across all touchpoints and supports all brand communications.

The insight

In the banking space STG was known for its focus on local communities and business. It had to convince existing and prospective customers that they also had the best bankers, the best systems and products that enabled fast decisions and hassle free banking. And they needed to show that they could provide one of the best banking experiences in the world while also growing in strength and profit! The visual identity had to move from friendly to engaging and innovative.

The solution

The identity now reflects the ‘little bit of dragon’ in all of us. Creating a versatile palate of tools, we have bought to life a sense of energy, courage, optimism and fun. At the core of the design we employed a dynamic graphic element called fraxels. These were used to call to mind dragon scales, to help make the colours more recognisable as part of St.George. An interesting and dynamic typeface supports the bespoke brand font. The new St.George brand identity is bought to life across all applications from digital to brand advertising and in particular has been applied in a dynamic way in St.George retail environments.

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