Impacts upon organisational behaviour

By breaking out of rigid constraints, many companies have improved their ways of working, redefined their culture and developed new initiatives that could deliver value in the long term.

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Employer/Employee behaviour

The pandemic has shone a light on businesses’ responsibility to employees. In some ways, it has been a leveller, as all members of staff found themselves in the same boat working from home. It has exposed cracks in culture, and highlighted the need to keep people feeling connected and motivated. By breaking out of rigid constraints, many companies have improved their ways of working. They’ve created empowered networks of teams outside existing organisational hierarchies and efficiently matched skills across the whole company to tasks. Are you redefining your culture, with an Employee Value Proposition and employee experience that keep your employees engaged, productive and well?

Innovation and marketing

Businesses kicked rapidly into problem solving mode during the pandemic, changing their ways of operating at a fast lick and collaborating to make things happen. This is a healthy mindset for organisations going forward and some of the initiatives developed during the pandemic will continue to be of value. What will you do to drive regeneration and renewal, while building competitive advantage (link to Alpha Lab)? How will you organise your marketing around new customer needs and mindsets? What are the implications for your tone (link to xxvi offer in Here to help or Visual Identity and Voice in Expertise) and behaviour?

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